Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pray for Ruby

I was able to get into Life Choice Pregnancy Center in Ojai this morning (cannot say enough great things about them!!) to check on Ruby's status. She still had a heartbeat but it was very very faint. There was almost no movement from her which was shocking after yesterdays ultrasound but it made sense why I haven't felt her. Their machine could not get a good reading of her heart rate because her left and right are pumping off beat from each other. Her heart just looked weaker and she just seemed less like her active spazzy Ruby self.
Both the ultrasound tech and assistant were very tearful and sympathetic towards us which is such a shift from yesterdays ultrasound where I felt a bit like a freak after I said out loud that we would continue with the pregnancy. They told me they would be available every day for me to come in and check on her. Even Saturday and Sunday!!! "This is why we are here" they said.
Oh I love them!
Praying right now for God to touch our sweet girl gently, softly, like a Daddy. That if this is her time to take her she would be held and wrapped in His loving arms and comforted with great peace and comfort.
Please pray for us as this may be one of the hardest weekends of our lives. Pray for the right nurses and doctor to come alongside us, that this experience would be a beautiful, peaceful experience for both John and I. And if Ruby carries on through this weekend that God would time everything just right so as not to distract from Jackson's special day on Wednesday.


  1. I'm so so sorry, Cristin. We're crying with you here too.

  2. Sweet, sweet Ruby! Crying and praying for you...and praising God that He is near you and your beautiful little girl.

  3. I am a friend of Sarah Richter, and found your blog through her. I am praying for Ruby, your family and especially YOU during this time of uncertainty and waiting. Our God is good, and I am praying for His peace to be with you all right now. -Kacey Campos

  4. Everything you have said in your blog is just absolutely inspiring. God truly has a plan for you and your family, and I am so thankful that you are sharing your experience with so many. I am praying for you! Tamira (friend of Melissa stone)

  5. We love you guys so very much and will continue to ride this roller coaster with you.
    We love that sweet baby so so much!!
    Our prayers and hearts are with you.