Thursday, October 13, 2011

Doctors and Appointments

Many of you know that we decided to search out a new doctor for Ruby.
Our last appointment did not go as we had hoped and we decided that we needed to find someone who we could build a better relationship with. We are aware that he is one of the best in situations like this and that he has been a great doctor for most of my friends with both healthy and unhealthy pregnancies but we did not feel he was a good fit for us right now. And to be honest we really came to that office for his midwife:) We hope to find someone who understands and supports our decision (not to say that our previous doctor didn't) and who is willing to take the time to help us plan for the best hospital experience in this kind of situation.
The hardest part has been the faxing of medical forms and setting up apts. We are pursuing 3 new doctors in hopes to sit down and see which one we can best build a relationship with. But two are unwilling to make an apt with us until they see my records, totally understandable. But the time frame between, faxing off a "release" of my records, my doctor signing off on the release, and them faxing it to the new doctors has been four days now and time is not something we have at this point. It feels little scary to be kind of alone in the "medical community" to have no one to call if I don't feel a kick or hear a heartbeat.
I know God is in every detail and already knows the outcome of our attempts to plan so my role right now is to do what I can and then trust He will make it happen, but I still get overwhelmed.
GOOD NEWS! With a special gift of an amazing friend, John and I are able to go get a 4D/3D ultrasound done tomorrow in Ventura! We called them today and they got us in for tomorrow at 4pm. They told us they have done ultrasounds for trisomy babies before and that they would love to help make this a beautiful experience. I am so excited because we can also live stream it to our parents who live out of state! What a blessing!
We cherish every moment with Little Ruby and boy has she been ACTIVE this week! I feel like she is always awake and practicing her break dancing skills even now! Every ultrasound I fall more and more in love, which leads all of this to become harder and harder.
But I praise God for His word and the healing that it brings! I praise Him for the MANY friends and family who have poured out more love on us than I ever thought possible! I praise Him for she is fearfully and wonderfully made, we know that full well!!


  1. So beautiful Cristin. Praying for just the right doctor. So glad the Great Physician watches over you. Tami

  2. Kudos to you both for taking a stand. I will pray that God will show himself as your Jehovah Nissi and go before you to the right doctor that will honor your parental choices.