Monday, November 21, 2011


I was scolded by many to not write and mail out "Thank You" cards to everyone that took part in our journey with Ruby. And if I did chances are it would add up to about 200 cards. So instead I chose to write out a few to those who don't read this blog and still like getting mail and to the rest of you I thought I'd type it out here!
Its in no particular order and I don't think I can list what each individual actually did for me cause it would take a long time! But you know who you are and your LOVE and KINDNESS did not go unnoticed. However BIG or small, we pondered it all in our hearts!
PLEASE forgive me if I left anyone out!
Grammie and Papa, Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie Cay, Auntie Coco, Aunt Becky, G.G., Ojai Pregnancy Center, Arlene & Rosemary, Jessica and Ryan Moore, Jaclyn, Jan and Elaine Tisdale, Grandmommy and Granddaddy, The Seeks, Virginia Hill, Janae & Ryan, Chad and Christy, Joe and Corinna, Devo & Chelsea, Kristen & Jodi Plum, Uncle Justin and Auntie Sarah, Kim Morrison, Nadine Goodwin, Carol Eiland, Michelle Smith, Melissa Stone, Nicole Wenger, Amy Tromans, Kelly Hester, Stephanie Staniland, Shannon Snyder, Jim and Denise Lawhead, Jenny Dilbeck, Sue Diehl, Lindsey Carpenter, Sue Dudley, Cassie and Jeff Lawhead, Nancy Dilbeck, Kristina & Andon Petit, Phillipe and Debbie Mathieu, Mike and Retha Nordyke, Todd & Tracy Robison, Zac & Jess Cannon, Brandy and Ivan Gregory, Nikki & Jesse Clark, Holly Doden, Jana and Allen Fletcher, Doug & Aimee, Matt and Erin, Jamie and Kevin, Amy Atkinson, Aaron Bird, Javai & Brittany Fletcher, Jenny Allen, Brian & Danielle Giersch, Cara Hughes, Courtney Kresge, Tim & Debbie Kresge, The Hasbrouks, Sam & Martha Starkweather, Denise Sponsellar, Nancy Clover, Mary Smith, Our amazing deacon board at our church, Lettie Vaglica, Josiah and Crista Morris, Danielle and Ryan Axtell, Darian O Brien, Tracy VanAtta, The staff at Community Memorial Hospital, Dr Green, Jennifer Malone, Vickie Mumma, Jeremy & Amy Allen, Ty and Jerri Hardman, Jillian and Rick Lawson, Josh and Jess Agadoni, Joyce Snyder, Kathleen, Tami & Debra, Katina Burgen, the Daltos, Michala & France Hayes, First Baptist Church of Ojai, Ojai Valley Baptist Church, First Southern Baptist Church Porterville, Erlanger Baptist Church in Kentucky, Community Bible Church Ventura, Cornerstone Baptist in Alabama, Joe & Drenda Pledgers, the Brookes, Rohweller, Richard and Mary, Watkins, Nadine & Bob, the Keenagers at First Baptist Camarillo, Alden and Sue, McLellands in Alabama, aunt Bev and Edie, Brenda Bartolone, Fernando Duran, Christina Hahn, Kaytlyn Fuller, Louise Johnson, Bianca Fuller, Chelsea Nichole, Amanda Marshall, Mallory Finnerty, Rachel & Lynette Harvey, Lorraine Romero, Amanda Lawrence, the Rogers, Jennifer Franklin, Kim Nelson, Tara Sibert, Angela Jacoby, Taylor and Matt Broggie, Nate and Kim Graham, Nicole Hammond, Tiffanie Monzo, Adrienne Cazier, Kristin Guerrero, Staci Scott, Tracy and Jennifer Cook, Shannon Ashlea, Erin Williams, Erin Sheehy, Tammy Rudd, Kimmy, Jeremy Exell, Sean Matthews, Keri Bender, Heather Lease, Lisa Darby, Breezy Winters, Jennie Higgins, Brittany Chisum, Brooke and Mark Martinez, Rachel Holland, Tom & Donna, Lori Michael, Sally Andrews, Sarah Hock, Ondrea and Sean, Luncefords, Susie Dimaggio, The Thorpes, Brandon and Joanna, Kim Shannon, Brittany Volpei, Sara Allen, Tiffany Morrow.
I know more will pop up in my head as the days go on and if so I will continue to post!
I am truly blessed by you all!! YOu have made this journey beautiful and the burden light. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus to our family!!


  1. What a beautiful gift of thanks... I love it! Thank you for letting us be Jesus to you!

  2. It is we who should thank you. Thank you for your openness and vulnerability. Thank you for displaying the grace and strength of our Father in heaven. Thank you for living lives wholly submitted to Jesus.