Thursday, November 3, 2011


Yesterday was a thing of beauty. John and I invited our close family and friends to an evening of reflection and thankfulness. We held Rubies private memorial service in the backyard of our dear friends the Seeks. We wanted to have those closest to us come. To tell them how thankful we were for them. For their love and support through this journey. And celebrate what God had done through our sweet Ruby. We knew there were many more that we could've invited but we wanted to make it as intimate as possible.
We both were blessed to share the miracles Our God had performed these last few months and even in this last year and half. We were able to capture the night on film as well as have an amazing photographer come and take pictures. We will soon have photos of the evening as well as our hospital stay with Ruby Jean on here soon. So stay tuned.
I did want to share about one gift I received last night from my sister Corban. She had been looking for a ruby pendant or ring to give to me and had been having a difficult time. So yesterday she went to a jeweler here in Ojai who told her the only thing she had was a "an 18k baby ring, set with two rubies and a garnet in the center" the jeweler found it odd to have a ring like that. "Those two stones are usually never put together because they are similar in color". She also said she has had this ring for five years and no one had shown interest.
Well Ruby's due date is in January, the same month as my birthday. So our birth stone is garnet.
The Lord had set aside for five years a baby ring, a memento for my sister to find the day of her memorial service. Such an amazing treasure to find! I am so grateful that she found another gem for me to keep as a symbol of Ruby's time with me. It's so personal and so perfect! Thanks Corban

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  1. Love you guys so much and really looking forward to seeing pictures. We prayed it would be a beautiful night and our God is so good. The ring is just perfect, too.