Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good News Bad News

Good News:We had a very successful yard sale this weekend. So many amazing friends donated items to fill our yard. We had a great turn out of shoppers and along with a very generous donor we were able to raise $500!!

So Monday I called all of the Dr offices as well as the hospital. I called to negotiate and see if any of them could work with us in dropping the rate if we paid in full.
Good news: one office took 20% off and I was able to pay that right off
Bad news: The hospital and the other bill could do nothing for us but set up a payment plan, and even then they wanted more then we could give monthly.
Bad news: We are expecting more bills

Good News: We trust in Gods provision and timing and know that this amount of money is a drop in the bucket for Him. We also know that with a Benefit Art Show coming up and hopefully a Clothing Swap in January we may be able to make huge dents in these bills.
Bad News: unfortunately, being "me", I get a bit overwhelmed and sad.
Sad that this may be a monthly reminder for us for possibly several months to possibly several years.
Sad that paying down debt that we have is taking a back seat.
And sad that if we chose to have another baby this is an amount we would most likely have to face again.
It just bums me out but it doesn't make me feel defeated. "Struck down but not Destroyed."

Just another reminder and process that we must endure....AND don't even get me started on the postpartum weight....ugh!!!
Prayer is much appreciated!


  1. Oh my sweet girl, the Lord knows your faithful heart, He knows the costs and they truly are His bills. I know He will provide a way for these mountains to fall into the sea. He is always faithful and His plans are not ours...when it seems hopeless, He's there. Discipline and perseverance
    are always difficult but worth the struggle when victory and release is reached. His timing can be tough to endure but with His strength and wisdom you will be so much better for it. I love you and will pray that you not allow these worldly concerns to bring you down, you are "not destroyed."

  2. Please get in touch with me. I'd like to learn more and help in some way. Michel@vcreporter.com, 648-2244 ext. 212.