Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Journey with Ruby

I decided that I wanted to make sure to capture our journey as whole through pictures. I plan on making this blog an album and thought it would be extra sweet to keep a slide show as well. Looking back at these photos it almost feels like our time with her was ages ago and then I have days like today where I feel like it was only yesterday. I miss her today. Knowing she would have been in our arms already. Our life would be consumed with diapers, lack of sleep, cuddles and a general lack of daily hygiene. But that just wasn't what the Lord had for us. Ruby is safe in His arms and I pray they are both in joyful expectation of this new little one in our family. If Ruby was in our arms this new little one would never be. So I rejoice in His perfect plan. I eagerly await this new life and cannot wait to see his or her personality, character and spirit. How, soon we will never imagine life before this babe.
My recent morning sickness with this pregnancy has brought me to a very contemplative state. I remember now what it was like when I was sick with Ruby. What an emotionally exhausting time it was to be ill all day, incapable of doing the normal daily routine, but I have been drawn to my knees (in more ways then one). I have come to praise God during my dry heaves, Thank Him when all I can do is curl in a ball, and rest in Him when my house is just completely out of control. To rejoice in this temporary suffering in hopes of a healthy sweet babe to soon be in our arms.
I am blessed by these photos. Moments captured in time so that even when my memory fades these pictures won't. May I always remember the beautiful, miraculous, breathe taking moments in our Journey with Ruby.
(side note: there is a photo of her in this album. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of seeing a deceased babe please be warned. I felt comfortable enough to share her with you because I find that God is in every detail and the fact the He always knew she would never use this body, yet he formed her. He knit her together and allowed her mother and father to study her every detail)

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  1. In Bible study tonight I was reminded, in different places, of our journey, your journey and how God has tested our faith, shown us through our trials we are growing, maturing and enduring. Preparing us for what His plan is for your lives and ours. We are studying the book of James and I am learning so much, getting my life into a different perspective and tonight a verse of hope rang out and I offer it to you. John 16:20 and through our anguish He transforms it into Joy! That anguish and Joy can co-exist. Beauty for Ashes, labor pain to a precious bundle of life. That anguish is meant to lead to birth, of life, of passion. You continue to inspire all those around you and we can see purpose in all the trials and tests of this life. Love Mom

  2. Cristin she looks so sweet and peaceful. From a mothers heart you pick the dearest picture of Ruby Jean. Thank you & John for sharing this picture of your precious angel.<3 Anita

  3. Ahhh! She's beautiful! I can't tell which one of you she looks like - but she's adorable! Thanks so much for sharing her with us. Love you guys.